Product Designer , Photographer


Three years ago, I joined alipay to work in visual design. Over the course of three years,
I began to transform, from visual design to product design. Many products have been
designed in the last three years. Some are large products for enterprise services,
and other open source products for individual developers.
Here are some of my works.

After years of work, I am good at designing enterprise products and designing enterprise
specifications. Let traditional internal products pay more attention to user experience.
It is easier to be accepted by employees.

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Since 2012, my design roles have been changing, from web designers to current product designers.
Many ideas have changed. But it won't change my love of design and the pursuit of user experience.
If you want to talk to me, please contact me


Ant Financial - Product Designer


Alipay - Full-Stack Designer


Alipay - Visual Designer


Aicairen - UI Designer

2012-2013 - Web Designer