An interdisciplinary product manager from Hangzhou

Hello everyone, my name is CaiCai. I am an interdisciplinary product manager who is passionate about interface design, experience design and product design. At present, I work as a product manager at Ant Group and also serve as the leader of a product team focusing on AI and research and development efficiency

An elegant tool, built for coding
Clean,Monitor,Project Analysis
Code Better, Make things Better
The products I have been involved in
Yuque is a document collaboration and knowledge management platform
We hope to bring a better knowledge management product experience to individual users and enterprises in China, and make knowledge deposition a source of wealth
As the founder, and serving as the head of the product and design team
Alipay is a leading open platform for payments and digital services in China
I first joined Alipay as a designer and participated in the design of Alipay. Nowadays, Alipay has become the largest payment tool in China
Ant financial cloud is a Financial-grade cloud services provided for enterprises, banks, and large organizations
This is the second product I participated in after joining Ant. As the earliest UI and UX designer, I participated in the design of the whole product. We hope that it will become the safest financial cloud service in China
A task and project management tool suitable for team use
Serving Ant Group
A design collaboration tool that can help you manage design drafts and interactive prototypes
Serving Ant Group
Participating open source tools
I also participated in some open source projects
Ant Design
A set of enterprise-level UI design language and React component library
Ant UX
A template component set for Omnigraffle to help you quickly draw flow charts
This theme is desiged for FarBox,You can use it directly or modified it on FarBox
Work experience
In the past few years, my career development journey has been constantly evolving. Initially, I worked as a designer, then gradually transitioned to an interaction designer, upgraded to a product designer, and finally became a product manager
At the same time, I have many years of team management experience. Currently, I am managing a product team in Ant Group, responsible for AI, research and development efficiency, project management, and other matters
Ant Group
Product Team Leader


Ant Group
Product Manager


Ant Group
UI&UX Designer


Start-up companies
UI Designer


Product Design Philosophy
I believe that every product designer should have their own set of principles they adhere to
These principles are beliefs that I have continuously explored and upheld throughout my past work, and have constantly influenced my thinking on how to become a great product manager and how to create outstanding products

Keep the original intention and stay open

Simplicity is not only for the users, but also for ourselves

Be willing to admit failure and take features offline

Some of my work ideas

This showcases some of my thoughts and conclusions drawn from my work experience, including my past experiences and the stories I have encountered

The book being written
The Awakening of Knowledge Management