Willy's Digital Garden
  • Hey guys, I am Willy Tsai, you can call me CaiCai, a product manager who focuses on creating simple solutions for complex problems. I am keen on design and hope to solve many difficulties in life and work through design
  • I like to work with the team and be able to accept more challenging work. At present, he works for Ant Group and leads a medium-sized product and design team to provide all knowledge workers with more valuable tools
  • At the same time, I am also a person who loves life very much. I like taking photos, hiking and making friends. At the same time, I also like to express my ideas through words. This is my digital garden, where I will publish some updates from me
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    Some of my life stories

    Enjoying life is the source of all inner happiness and also the motivation for you to continue to improve

    Product principles I believe in

    I believe that every product designer should have their own set of principles they adhere to. These principles are beliefs that I have continuously explored and upheld throughout my past work, and have constantly influenced my thinking on how to become a great product manager and how to create outstanding products

    Some of my work ideas

    This showcases some of my thoughts and conclusions drawn from my work experience, including my past experiences and the stories I have encountered

    The book being written
    The Awakening of Knowledge Management
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